Secure & Safe

Security is the biggest challenge to the success of The Creditor Portal. As with many businesses, the sharing of customer data is something that no company wants to do.

There have been a lot of portals created by Debt Management Companies (DMCs) and some of them are very good and the creditors prefer to use them rather than emails and especially in preference to letters. The problem with DMC portals is that no other company shares data on the same portal for fear that the owners will use that data and ‘poach’ their clients.

Debt management client books are very valuable and so this creates security concerns in the minds of Debt company owners. In a very early version of The Creditor Portal, we invited some DM experts to review our security and come up with improvements. A lot of possible security loopholes were identified and tightened up. We are confident that our safety measures are now robust enough to prevent any data ending up in the wrong hands.

The Company we have chosen to host The Creditor Portal is Imerja: Imerja’s state of the art hosting suite is fully certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001, approved for NHS N3 connectivity, and built to CoCo and PCI standards. They are specialists in secure hosting and manage data and services for the NHS and The Department for Work and Pensions amongst many others.

All customer personal data is encrypted on the Creditor Portal database and sits behind multiple firewalls. The data uploads and website operations are only possible over a secure connection (https) which prevents your data being intercepted in transit.

Many other security features are employed but describing them here would be counter-productive. In short, we believe that we have gone the extra mile to make The Creditor Portal the safest way to communicate.