Debt Managers

The Creditor Portal has been designed to integrate seamlessly with Debt Management Software Systems. Whether you use your own in-house program, Debtsolv or other software, you can send Client data and requests through our secure web service.

Debtsolv provides functionality to minimise the amount of work needed to send requests and process responses. We can show how this can integrate into your company by Debtsolv or by tweaking your existing system to accept Creditor Portal messages and responses.

Financial Statements and Scanned Documents that relate to your clients can be uploaded to the site so that Creditors have instant access to them; this can cut down on a lot of calls and rejected requests.

In the past, Creditor Portals have been created and Creditors have used them but the same problems have always been present:

  • The owners of the portal have an interest in the data so will not share it
  • Many portals are just file sharing utilities
  • When creditors respond, the DMC still has to process the responses manually
  • The costs of creation means that smaller companies can’t get access to the best solutions
  • The creditors need separate usernames and passwords for every portal

The positive benefits of using The Creditor Portal mean that the Creditors’ job becomes a lot easier, so there is a big incentive to deal with you in an electronic format on a Web Workspace that helps to organise their work.

Once a Creditor has responded to your correspondence, The Creditor Portal can download the responses and call procedures on your database to update the Client’s details. Whether you use Debtsolv or another Client database, you can still take advantage of all of these features.

The best way to make a decision about The Creditor Portal is to see it in action. Please contact us for an On-line live demonstration, we would love to show you how easy it is to use.

Please use the Contact Form or call us on 0844 318 0358