The Creditor Portal is an Independent company founded in 2011 by the owners of Tigersolv - a leading provider of Debt Management and Insolvency Software.

Neither the Creditor Portal nor Tigersolv have any ties to Creditors or Debt Management Companies so you can be sure that we will be completely unbiased in our approach and give the best solutions to both sides.

We listen to and work closely with our customers

The Creditor Portal has taken a long time to build: The development process has been a real rollercoaster. At times when we thought everything was great, we had to contend with creditors who insisted that The Portal had to work with really old versions of Windows and Internet explorer!! This has forced us to keep revising and evaluating the speed and usability of all the features.

Our experience in Debt management has helped us design a solution that has often been called “The best portal we’ve ever seen”. We presented the project at the DRF conference and had great feedback from a lot of the delegates. The beauty of the solution is that we have built the web service in such a way that any Debt Management Company can submit data and receive updates regardless of what technology they use for storing their Client’s details.

Looking to the future

Our development team is constant making improvements and adding new features. Our aim is extend the scope of The Creditor Portal to include things like Live Chat and Payment Remittance.

The new FCA rules and Debt Management Protocol have introduced more challenges for DMCs which mean there is a lot more focus on reporting information. The Creditor Portal is an ideal central hub for all this data and we are building systems that will make life easier for the DMCs and Creditors to interface with the protocol committee and the FCA.